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i'm waaaay too old to be a fangirl but oh well...you can call me Goddess Schlierenzauer lol

I’m not exactly sure, if I or someone else posted it in the bigger version before… If yes, then SORRY! (But it can’t can’t hurt, right? Because it is common knowledge that two are better than one! ;P)

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Wenn man oft unterwegs ist, lernt man kleine technische Helferlein “On the road” zu schätzen. Habt ihr Tipps für mich? gsif you are often on the road you learn to appreciate a few travel accessories. do you have some tips for me? gs#question #tips #ontheroad #geiletechnik #saturn

Photo Credit to Mirja Geh Photography
smokeitzouis said: schlieri, schlieri's girlfriend, morgi, michi hayböck, miran tepes xxxxxxx -queenkraus


Marry: Schlieri - obviously, he’s da one

Fuck: Michi - well…it’s all about the chemistry lol

Kiss: Morgi - in the alternate universe he would be my best friend for sure, so just a kiss on the cheek

Cuddle: Miran LOL

Get drunk with: Sandra - she would tell me everything about Schlieri yasss

Marry, Fuck, Kiss, Cuddle, Get Drunk With send me FIVE names.

im already drunk so this should be fun ?

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