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Let’s help him win the title of Austria’s Newcomer of the Year 2014 :)


again something not Gregor-related but THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT TOO!


also i noticed that you can vote more than once…or is it just my false impression? and those additional votes don’t really count? idk JUST VOTE AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN - SUPPORT OUR AUSTRIAN BOYS THANK YOU I LOVE YOU



First of all: I’m sorry once again that I’m coming with these things so late. I’ve had so many things going on, I’ve had to study a lot and stuff. :/
Now, that it happens a bit later than I’ve planned, this video could be also a birthday present for Thomas. :)

If you want to join, you can still do that! ;)

Now the details:

What can you send me?
• You can take a photo of yourself holding a message to Thomas or wearing his cap, or if you have a flag with his name on it you can hold it as well (or whatever things you have that is connected to Thomas). If you have posters on your wall and you want to show it to him, take a photo of that, too. 
• Of course, if you have a photo with Thomas, you can send me that photo, too! 
• If you like to talk, you can send a video message in which you tell your thoughts and why you love him, your greetings, anything you want to tell him. (If you do this, please don’t make it longer than 25-30 seconds.)
• If you can’t or don’t feel like taking a photo and making a video, you can just write some lines (basically the same things as I’ve said before: why you love him, greetings, etc.).
• If you have more ideas, like I don’t know, you’ve written a poem about him, don’t be afraid to show it! I’m sure he would love EVERYTHING you, we do! 

In which language?
Obviously you should write/talk in German or English, so he could understand it easily. BUT I know there are a lot of fans from Poland and I know that Thomas can speak Polish – I just don’t know how well and how many things he would understand. So if you decide to write/talk in Polish, you should use phrases you think he would understand.

What should you write to me when you send it?
I just need your first name or your nickname and your country.
(If we know each other from twitter, too,  write your twitter name and tumblr URL, so I’ll know from who I’ve got it. But I’ll not share neither of them in the video.)

Where are you supposed to send it?
I created an e-mail address just for this project: thankyoumorgi@gmail.com
I’m planning to write back to everybody to make you sure that your photo or video has arrived. 

Till what time can you send me your messages/photos/videos?
The deadline is 28th October! 
I know it’s almost here but if we want to do this as a birthday present, too, it’s the latest deadline, I can offer. I hope it’s not a problem.

Finally, I’d like to ask you to only one thing: if you take a photo while holding a message or you make a video in which you talk, make sure that the text or the things you write/say are readable and clearly audible. So it will make the whole process easier and quicker. 

As I’m studying at university, I can’t guarantee that I’ll reply immediately and that I’ll do this project all day, all night. But I try my best to make it happen quickly, to make it as perfect as I can. Thank you for your patience! ♥

And massive thanks for taking part in this!  I really want to do it and make Thomas happy. :)


i strongly encourage you to participate in this project because first of all IT’S AWESOME and Morgi will love it! and second of all NIKU IS AWESOME and she’s the best girl around when it comes to creating videos and such. soo…don’t waste your time and think about your gift for Morgi! i know i will :D


life goals: to become a member of the FIS Family


#helden #skijumpingaut #oesv #platzSkijumping Austria via instagram

I just… I can’t… :D ♥♥♥♥



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blenamiboa said: (insolently joining) The more Perfectzauer spam, the better! ❤️

couldn’t agree more! :D i just hope tumblr doesn’t mind our fangirling…sorry not sorry  Perfectzauer spam is officially a thing now! <3